The UConn Student Alumni Association (SAA) holds a great sense of pride and tradition in the University. With the affiliation of the UConn Foundation, SAA is able to promote this through a variety of activities and programs. You can be a part of it all!

What is SAA all about?

SAA was established in 1983. The primary goals of the organization are…

  • to generate spirit and promote traditions surrounding the University among the student body,
  • to provide information about the UConn Foundation to the student body,
  • to keep the UConn Foundation aware of developments on campus that affect the students’ perception of the University,
  • instill leadership and communication skills in all members of SAA,
  • provide SAA members with opportunities to network with alumni, and
  • to connect SAA members with various organizations within the University and surrounding community.

Read our constitution here.

What are the requirements?

The organization is open to undergraduate and graduate students with a demonstrated commitment to the University of Connecticut.

How do I join?

Joining is easy! Just send us an email with your interests or come to a meeting. We meet on Thursdays at 6 p.m. in the Alumni Center.