Session Facilitator Information

Thank you for leading a session at this year’s conference! We are so excited to see what each of your sessions will entail.

Each session is blocked out for 1 hour. Please plan to use the whole time. If you plan for a question and answer session to be 10 minutes, have a backup idea or some “back-pocket questions”, incase no one asks any questions or conversations end early. We also ask that you make your sessions more interactive than lecture style. We would love to have participants be able to meet and get to know other members from other schools.

There are three types of classrooms in Oak Hall. There is a large lecture hall, OAK 101, two fixed desk rooms, OAK 117 & 112, and moveable tablet armchairs, OAK 104, OAK 105, and OAK 106.

Also, please bring all materials with you to the session classroom.

All rooms have the following for you to use:

  • A projector with accompanying screen
  • A Windows-based computer
  • Various connection cords (including VGA and HDMI, but not MiniDisplay)
  • 2 Expo markers
  • A whiteboard

We recommend that you bring any applicable presentation and online materials on a flash drive and saved to GoogleDrive instead, so there are no connection issues. UConn computers have a 2-factor authentication in place for, meaning that when logging in, Google will text you a short code for you to enter in, ensuring that it is in-fact you that is logging in.  If you plan to use your computer, check to see what ports you have so you know if you need an adapter, or if the provided cables will work.

In each classroom, a UConn SAA Member will assist in getting the technology set up.

Like the past years, each session will have a paper survey for student to rate the session. Our SAA members will handle this, and results will be given you shortly after the conference.

If you have any questions, contact Bryan Kirby, CASE ASAP D1 Conference Chair, at


Are you facilitating an E-Board Session?

What we expect from this session is that all of the students who either hold a communications position or who were recently elected into one can get together and discuss challenges and triumphs and get tips and tricks from other E-Board members. Your main job will be to facilitate the conversation. The main thing to do to prepare would be to come up with a few “back pocket questions”. These are for you to use if the conversation dries up, or no one wants to share.